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Scientists have figured out what a nasty gut bacterium eats. Can live biotherapeutics help?

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They're the next big thing for treating C. diff infection, but developing them is a long process

Madeline Barron, University of Michigan

Meet Sophie Germain, the amateur mathematician who worked on number theory's toughest problem

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Germain, or "Monsieur LeBlanc" to her professors, took a bold and creative approach to life and math

Rebecca Lea Morris, Freelance

How dark is outer space? The New Horizons spacecraft is helping astronomers find out

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Briley Lewis, University of California, Los Angeles

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El sexo no es binario, y deberíamos dejar de pretender que lo es

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Liza Brusman, University of Colorado, Boulder

Minerva Contreras, University of California, San Diego

The supposedly oldest impact crater on Earth isn't a crater after all

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A history-rewriting discovery in Greenland in 2012 has been debunked

Julie Hollis, Government of Greenland

Storytelling is the antidote to Americans' mistrust of science

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Jamie L Peeler, Pennsylvania State University

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We still don't know much about marijuana farms' effects on wildlife

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Maria Gatta, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

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What’s happening in Texas is climate nihilism

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The disastrous blackouts are the government admitting they don't care if some people die

Dan Samorodnitsky, Senior Editor

NASA's Perseverance Rover has landed on Mars

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Briley Lewis, University of California, Los Angeles

DNA-RNA hybrid molecules keep the very centers of our cells together

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Sree Rama Chaitanya, The Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics