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The protein Klotho could extend the life of the brain. Is that a good thing?

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Klotho originates in the brain but the hype has spread worldwide

Dan Samorodnitsky

No, you cannot pierce your brain with a COVID-19 swab test

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That's not how your nose works

Carl Philpott, University of East Anglia

COVID-19 lockdown has changed how we use recreational drugs

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Christine Jack, University of Aberdeen

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Escaping through a predator's butt is a common strategy for prey

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Sahana Sitaraman, National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

How cellular 'garbage disposals' help us understand type 2 diabetes

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Proteasomes team up to combat high sugar levels in cells, and also play a role in neurological diseases

Kara Leasure Shanley, University of New Mexico

Scientists discover brain cells that remember where escape routes are

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Samuel J Walker, Harvard Medical School

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Why biological studies on queer people do more harm than good

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When studying vulnerable groups, scientists should always be aware of the context their studies take place in

Dori Grijseels, University of Sussex

How did human butts evolve to look that way?

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Darcy Shapiro, Rutgers University

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