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Reinack Hansen

Materials Science

I’m a Materials Scientist and Science Writer. I stumbled upon the book ‘Physics of the impossible’ in high school, which got me hooked to the idea of becoming a scientist. After graduating with a PhD in carbon nanotubes from NTU, Singapore, I moved to Canada. It took me a while to realize that what I enjoy most about science is the writing process, especially tailoring insights for non technical audiences. So I have started working as a freelance writer, and hope to make a living doing that in the near future.

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A butterfly's wings are the perfect mold to grow neurons on

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Butterfly wings provide the right topography for nerve cells to grow, with an aim towards ameliorating hearing loss

Reinack Hansen

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Artificial intelligence can help diagnose skin cancer, but only on white skin

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A new image-based AI tool can suggest clinical next steps for melanoma, but for darker skinned patients, equal outcomes are lacking

Gloria Marino

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The twisted math of knot theory can help you tell an overhand knot from an unknot

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It's knot always easy to tell if two knots are the same

Rebecca Lea Morris

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