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Science profoundly influences our understanding of what we eat, where our food comes from, and whether it's healthy or safe for us. We're making the science of food more accessible because everybody has a stake in a safe, healthy, and sustainable food system.

The Biden administration must restore funding to the Cooperative Extension Services

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Extension agents play a key role in assisting farmers and, now, bringing COVID-19 vaccines to rural communities

Madison Sankovitz, University of California Riverside

Could wild fisheries keep us alive after a global nuclear war?

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Managing our fisheries now could save us in the future

Ashley Marranzino, University of Rhode Island

Misinformation is keeping invasive, destructive lionfish around

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Sarah Heidmann, University of the Virgin Islands

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Salk scientists show that when you eat may be as important as what you eat

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New work shows that the timing of diet has a dramatic effect on health and disease.

The Salk Institute

Probiotics, not antibiotics, might be the future of livestock farming

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Alice Theibault, Rochester Institute of Technology

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You're eating, drinking, and breathing microplastics. Now what?

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Anna Robuck, University of Rhode Island

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Fewer crops are feeding more people worldwide – and that’s not good

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Reduced agrobiodiversity threatens the stability of our whole food system

Karl Zimmerer, Pennsylvania State University

Here's everything you need to know to grow your own hamburgers

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Sara Oliveira, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory