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Scientists have figured out what a nasty gut bacterium eats. Can live biotherapeutics help?

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They're the next big thing for treating C. diff infection, but developing them is a long process

Madeline Barron

Sugar may trigger inflammatory bowel disease by breaking down gut mucus

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Mice fed sugar-heavy diets have worse colitis and more mucous-degrading gut bacteria

Madeline Barron

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Scientists starved E. coli for 1200 days to learn about bacterial evolution

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They saw two main lineages emerge and compete with each other — all in a single test tube

Bacillus bacteria can keep fruits and vegetables free of Listeria

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Some bacteria make us sick, and others keep our food safe to eat

Gut bacteria helped mice fight off pesky pneumonia

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Pneumonia strains are becoming antibiotic-resistant, so we need to find new ways of treating infections

Five sugar-hungry bacteria team up against a nasty stomach bug

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Researchers are figuring out how to starve Clostridioides difficile infections

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Instead of a colonoscopy, a new screen tests poop for colorectal cancer-related bacteria

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Testing for the bacterium Parvimonas micra in stool may present an alternative to a colonoscopy

Manisha Roy

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The mother's gut microbiome helps a child's brain develop its senses

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Without the maternal microbiome, a mouse's thalamus under-develops, resulting in reduced sensory processing

Simon Spichak

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