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A virus-like COVID-19 vaccine is being grown in tobacco plants

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The "virus-like particle" produced by the Canadian company Medicago is the only vaccine in clinical trials made in plants

Hayley McKay , University of Toronto

Widespread PFAS chemical pollution will likely make COVID-19 worse

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Anna Robuck, University of Rhode Island

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What are the advantages of an mRNA vaccine for COVID-19?

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Joshua Peters, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Without more coronavirus testing, the US is unprepared for a second wave of infections

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Disease surveillance and some form of contact tracing are absolute necessities

Shefali Oza, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Even vampire bats do social distancing when their friends are sick

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Olivia Box, University of Vermont

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How did coronavirus spread across the world? Why is it so bad?

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And other coronavirus questions, answered by an epidemiologist

Beth Linas, Epidemiology

Bats' unique immune systems make them stealthy viral reservoirs

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Marnie Willman, University of Manitoba Bannatyne

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