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Science Heroes

We love highlighting scientists you may not have heard of, often with a gorgeous illustration by cartoonist and neuroscientist Matteo Farinella. We even developed a deck of cards to celebrate great, under-appreciated figures from the annals of science. You can order our tarot deck in the Massive Science Shop.

Meet Virginia Apgar, the unlikely anesthesiologist who saved newborn babies

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Apgar's simple, standardized score helped decrease the startlingly high infant mortality rate

Shannon Casey, Biology

Meet Betty Hay, the scientist who saw how cells grow and limbs regenerate

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Happy birthday to the trailblazing developmental biologist

Luyi Cheng, Northwestern University

Meet Alice Wilson, the Canadian geologist who did the work of five people

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Arianna Soldati, Ludwig-Maximillians Universitat Munchen

Cassie Freund, Wake Forest University

Meet Maria Sibylla Merian, the naturalist who painted insects in living color

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One of the first to recognize insect metamorphosis, she's finally getting her dues after 300 years of obscurity

Lauren Sara McKee, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Rear Admiral Amazing Grace Hopper taught computers English

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Alyssa Shepard, The Scripps Research Institute

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Meet Nobel Prize winner Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, who let doctors see into your blood

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Her radioimmunoassay technique enabled scientists to measure hundreds of trace biological substances for the first time

Jordan Harrod, Harvard University

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Meet Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer

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A "prophet of the computer age," she saw the potential for computers outside of pure mathematics

Lauren Mackenzie Reynolds, McGill University

Three times Louise Slaughter used her microbiology training in Congress

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The lawmaker, the only microbiologist in Congress, pushed for public health reform

Jennifer Tsang, Microbiology