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Cassie Freund


Wake Forest University

I am a tropical forest ecologist and PhD student at Wake Forest University. I currently study the disturbance ecology of tropical montane forests, which means I spend a lot of time scrambling up landslides in the Peruvian Andes! My work is important for understanding the structure, composition, and functioning of these dynamic forest ecosystems.

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I want a new smartphone, but the human and environmental cost is giving me doubts

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New gadgets are fun. They're also abysmally destructive

Here are some of the first snowflakes ever photographed

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Photographer Wilson 'Snowflake' Bentley took the first picture of a snowflake in 1885

Biologists find the world’s southernmost tree on a wind-battered island in Chile

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Wind, and not temperature, is the biggest determinant of where it lives (and where it does not)

Science games and challenges to pass the time while you are stuck at home

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Here are some ways to kill boredom – and contribute to scientific research – while you're doing your part to flatten the curve

One person's techno trash is a scientist's research tool

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It's hard to study plant roots, but a plastic CD case makes it easier to observe a plant's underground activities

Floods in Germany are the latest wake-up call in the climate crisis

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Germany has experienced nine flood-rich periods in the past 500 years, but this one is different

A real world version of Pokémon Go lets you track orangutans in the jungle

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A new augmented reality smartphone game takes you into Borneo's jungles in search of great apes (and more!)

Stones from porcupine guts are a hot commodity on Instagram

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The wildlife trade has moved online, and porcupines are under threat

A catastrophic power outage darkens California while horny spiders invade

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Tarantulas, fire-inducing weather, and failing infrastructure make for a spooky October story

Black scientists are exposing the racist side of academia on Twitter

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#BlackintheIvory is yet another illustration that academia is rife with racism. It's long past time for change

How to stay calm during a pandemic

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We all have very valid reasons to be anxious right now. Here's how to keep your anxiety in check

The best science stories from around the web, hand-curated and eye-read by science writers

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The week's not over yet but it's been pretty good so far

Forget baby shark: grandma whale, the real hero of the ocean, is looking after her grandkids

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New research shows that grandmother orcas greatly improve the survival of their grand-offspring, advancing our understanding of the evolutionary role of menopause

Captive sea otters (adorably) raise orphaned pups as their own until they are ready to be released back into the wild

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New research from Monterey Bay Aquarium scientists finds that the pups and their own wild babies account for 55% of the growth of a California sea otter population

Attention, birders! A new tool can help you automatically identify birds you spot, no field guide needed

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This "digital guide" is the product of a collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Swarovski Optik

Your salad might bring an unwanted guest to the dinner table

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A new study finds that bagged and canned produce can occasionally (but rarely) come with a side of frog, lizard, bird, or rodent