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Rebecca Lea Morris


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Academia should incentivize mathematicians to make their work more accessible

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Math papers that are difficult to understand prevent scientists from learning about tools they can use in their research

Rebecca Lea Morris

Meet Sophie Germain, the amateur mathematician who worked on number theory's toughest problem

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Germain, or "Monsieur LeBlanc" to her professors, took a bold and creative approach to life and math

Rebecca Lea Morris

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Retracted papers continue to circulate on social media, spreading misinformation

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We should all be diligent about vetting the research we share — here's how

Privileged researchers are over-represented in open access literature

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Male STEM researchers at prestigious institutions are more able than others to make their papers open access

Mathematicians hope digital "proof assistants" will fix the field's own replication crisis

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Computer programs can be better than humans, but they're not perfect

Despite a mistaken mathematical proof, you do only need four colors to make a good map

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Alfred Kempe's 1879 proof of the Four Color Theorem contained a mistake. Nearly a century, later his work was vindicated

Science and philosophy can, and should, coexist

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MC Hammer's recent tweet has sparked a conversation about the complementary nature of these two fields

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We must reckon with our ableism if we want healthcare to work for people

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People who had COVID-19 may need long-term care — the US healthcare system isn't ready

Olivia Bernard

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Neuroscience has a part in why you're playing Taylor Swift's songs on repeat

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Taylor Swift literally has music down to a science

Sarah Anderson

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Retracting publications doesn't stop them from influencing science

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"Zombie papers" keep on getting cited, with huge ripple effects

Fanni Daniella Szakal

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