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Alice Theibault

Environmental Science and Biotechnology

Rochester Institute of Technology

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Probiotics, not antibiotics, might be the future of livestock farming

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Probiotics are an attractive alternative to longstanding farming practice, and could help us build a better food system

Alice Theibault

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Vaccine-laced snacks are being scattered in the wilderness to protect wildlife from rabies

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700,000 oral rabies vaccine baits are being distributed in southwest Virginia this fall

No, Marianne Williamson, antidepressants and antipsychotics are not just "store-bought neurotransmitters"

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It is important for patients — and presidential candidates — to accurately understand how psychiatric drugs work

Newly released data shows that 76 billion opiod pills were distributed in just six years

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Drug companies have been prioritizing profits over human lives for years

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Wildfires in Canada are burning down forests of mushrooms

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Fungal communities are negatively affected by the frequent, intense forest fires that climate change has brought us

Olivia Box

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How do we measure pain, anyway?

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You can't exactly ask a rat to point to where it hurts

Jeremy Delahanty

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Neurons and cancer cells are a dangerous duo

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New research finds that neurons migrate from the brain to infiltrate cancer cells, and that targeting this process is a promising new method of attack on cancer.

Claudia López Lloreda

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60% of astronauts test positive for active herpes virus in space

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Something about space brings out cold sores - what does it mean for people on Earth?

Mackenzie Thornbury

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Alternative medicine could treat our maladies, but we have to study it

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It is sorely lacking in rigorous scientific research

Song-My Hoang

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Biodiversity loss is the very real end of the world and no one is acting like it

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Radical, wholesale change is needed right this second and cannot be delayed

Cassie Freund

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