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Julia A Licholai


Brown University

I am a PhD student characterizing neurons that control reflexes. I have worked in a range of neurobiology labs studying cell regeneration in zebrafish, food intake in mice, and information processing in monkeys. These experiences help guide my writing and art.

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A controversial new study shows how male rats can become pregnant and give birth

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Scientists have debated whether the scientific progress justified the invasiveness of the procedure

Can slime molds remember?

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Unique signals may propagate through the slime mold's tendrils when they reach food

An accidental experiment discovered new cells in cat brains and led to a Nobel Prize

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Cats looking at dots inside a tent revealed the different eye cells that process movement and light

Researchers are mapping how information about what we eat travels from our guts to our brains

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Research in mice shows that different nutrients each activate specific nerves