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Soren Emerson


Vanderbilt University

Soren Emerson is a an entering first year PhD student in the Vanderbilt University neuroscience program. He previously attended, and graduated from, Davidson College with a B.S. in neuroscience. He conducted three years of independent research at Davidson College under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Smith, a behavioral pharmacologist, and Dr. Rachid El Bejjani, a C. elegans neurobiologist. His research modeled the genetic and molecular mechanism of cocaine in C. elegans and the results of the project yielded a first author publication. At Vanderbilt, Soren plans to continue his research career in neuropharmacology.

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Modified tree resins prevent zebrafish from having seizures

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Could these resins also be used to treat epilepsy in humans?

Laughing gas could be the next tool against treatment-resistant depression

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A small clinical trial shows promise for people who don't find relief from antidepressants

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We must reckon with our ableism if we want healthcare to work for people

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People who had COVID-19 may need long-term care — the US healthcare system isn't ready

Olivia Bernard

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