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Charlotte Douglas


Institut Curie Paris

Dr Charlotte Douglas has a PhD in sex chromosome biology and developmental genetics from the Francis Crick Institute and King’s College London where her expertise was in genetics and new ways to implement CRISPR-Cas9 technologies. She loves to think about how CRISPR tools and transgenics can be modified and reapplied to solve translational problems.

She is now a post-doctoral researcher at the Institut Curie in Paris, where she aims to investigate the role and function of RNA methylation. This is a completely new field for her, and she’s excited to dip a toe in a quickly expanding and exciting area of science!

Overall, Charlotte she loves understanding how new genome editing and gene therapy tools could be used to progress healthcare science. She would love to connect with others in the science and SciComm world, so please feel free to get in touch!

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Roe deer pause development of their embryos for months, and researchers just learned how

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An embryonic phenomenon discovered over 150 years ago may finally have an explanation

Precise CRISPR gene editing can correct the mutation that causes cystic fibrosis in mini-intestines

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Prime editing, which edits DNA directly without cutting, restored healthy function in an organoid model of an intestine

Biologists grow mouse eggs in mini ovaries developed from stem cells 

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The advance could generate new solutions to for human fertility issues

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How the pelvis, and not bipedalism, gave humans their narrow hips

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The anatomy of our pelvis is a result of an evolutionary trade-off, but perhaps it's not the one we thought

Darcy Shapiro

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