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Maria Gatta

Ecology and Conservation Biology

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

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Southern England has a small but thriving population of Australian red-necked wallabies

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Wallabies were introduced to the country in the early 20th century

El sur de Inglaterra alberga a una pequeña, pero prospera población de walabíes de cuello rojo

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Los walabíes fueron introducidos al país al principio del siglo XX

By avoiding pumas, deer are drastically changing the vegetation around them

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Animals' behaviors are shaped by fear of humans, and this, in turn, affects the plants they eat

Al evitar a los pumas, los ciervos están cambiando la vegetación a su alrededor de forma drástica

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El miedo a los humanos influencia el comportamiento de los animales, y esto, a su vez, afecta las plantas que comen

Carpet pythons are the second-biggest predator of wild koalas

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New technology for koala tracking led to this discovery, uncovering a previously unknown ecological relationship between the two species