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Stephanie Zimmer

Cell Biology

Emory University

I’m a PhD student in biochemistry and cell biology at Emory University. Skin is a pretty important organ in our bodies; it serves as a first line of defense, keeps our blood and internal organs inside, and resists environmental stresses. However, many people tend to forget all that skin does for us. I used to be one of those people, too, until I was introduced to desmosomes, protein complexes responsible for keeping skin together. Now, I regularly appreciate my skin as I study desmosome assembly processes in health and disease. When I’m done experimenting at the bench, I plan to experiment with words.

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Scientists can diagnose skin diseases like eczema with tiny zaps of electricity into your skin

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But you won't feel it; 225 small, small pins can diagnose damage by specific skin layer

Stephanie Zimmer

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Good news for people with tattoos: your skin still works

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Research shows that tattooed skin functions just as well as non-tattooed skin

Whales molt, and scientists are trying to work out how

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Researchers examined tissues from bowhead whales