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Minerva Contreras


University of California, San Diego

I discovered my passion for neuroscience research when taking a directing class while pursuing a degree in filmmaking. As part of the class, I thought reading about psychology would equip me with powerful tools. As I dove into literature, I found myself wondering about the biological mechanisms that motivate us as humans. In other words, how does the brain work? After years of arduous pursuit of the answer to this question, fueled by intense curiosity, I am now a Neurosciences PhD student at UCSD.

I joined Dr. Nicola Allen’s lab at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, where my research focuses on the role of astrocytes in regulating experience-dependent plasticity. I am passionate about communicating science to the general audience as well as making scientific content available for the Spanish-speaking community.

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El sexo no es binario, y deberíamos dejar de pretender que lo es

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Es hora de que la legislación y la educación reflejen el sexo como un espectro con opciones ilimitadas

Liza Brusman

Minerva Contreras