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Darcy Shapiro

Evolutionary Anthropology

Rutgers University

Hi! I'm Darcy Shapiro, a recent PhD in evolutionary anthropology from Rutgers University. I study the internal structure of the hip bones of primates, to try to figure out how fossil primates and our early hominid relatives climbed, walked, ran, scrambled, swung, and leaped around.

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Just in time for Halloween, the spookiest primate tricks the world with a hidden thumb

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The aye-aye has been hiding a secret all this time: a sixth pseudodigit

Bonobos' penchant for aquatic herbs might be why we have such big brains

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Iodine promotes brain development, but until now we did not know where our hominin ancestors may have gotten this mineral

A Denisovan jaw bone is discovered; ancient human relative skeleton becomes more complete

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Previously, only fragments of bone and mitochondrial DNA linked Denisovans to Homo sapiens

How did our ancestors start walking upright?

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A newly discovered species of ancient ape could shed light on the origins of human bipedalism

Some spooky Halloween Archaeology facts from Massive Consortium member Darcy Shapiro

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These true stories show that archaeology has plenty of terrifying discoveries to share