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  • Sara Oliveira

    Tissue Engineering

    International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

    I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Food Processing and Nutrition Group at INL which is located in Portugal. I’m working in the research line of 3D Food Printing and also directed towards the exciting field of cultured meat. I have a graduated degree in biomedical engineering and a PhD in Bioengineering, whose specialized research in biomaterials and tissue engineering started on 2009. I hope I can give a positive contribute on the development of 3D cultured meat using my ‘hybrid’ know-how.

  • Devang Mehta


    University of Alberta

    I’m using genome editing to understand how plants regulate their genes in response to changing environments. I also trying to find out if we can apply this knowledge to fine-tune plant metabolism to create better crops

  • James R. Howe VI

    Neuroscience and Genetics

    UC San Diego

    I am a grad student at UCSD studying the diversity of our brain cells and how it contributes to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as memory and fear.

    I enjoy watching basketball, listening to R&B, and taking long walks on the beach.

  • Daniel Bojar

    Synthetic Biology

    ETH Zurich

    Modifying life itself has always been a point of deep fascination to me. Exchanging one letter of our biological code DNA may yield a totally different protein and, as a result, change what a cell is capable of. The field of protein engineering by genetic modification is the core theme threading itself through my scientific life. With the aim of developing therapeutic cells possessing novel functionalities for the next generation of personalized medicine, I acquired the necessary skills to achieve this. Studying the three-dimensional structures of proteins and probing their behavior with biophysical methods allowed me to develop a useful working knowledge of protein engineering. Subsequently, I applied this knowledge to the combination of engineered proteins and human cells to transit to cellular engineering and closer toward the clinical application of modified life itself.

  • Anastasia Gorelova

    Molecular Pharmacology

    University of Pittsburgh

    Anastasia Gorelova is a Russian-born PhD candidate from the University of Pittsburgh studying cellular processes involved in cardiovascular diseases with a goal to improve existing drug therapies.