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Tom Langen

Animal Behavior and Conservation ecology

Clarkson University

I have been a member of the Biology and Psychology Departments at Clarkson University since 1999. I teach courses in the areas of Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation Science. I also work with various national efforts to improve university education in ecology and other areas of biology, and have done workshops for K-12 science teachers on integrated math and ecology. I enjoy field-based environmental education, and regularly teach field courses in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and Costa Rica. My research focuses on environmental management, including wetland restoration, road ecology, and endangered species conservation. I am a consultant to NGOs, state and federal agencies on environmental management issues, and I conduct workshops on road ecology and management for agencies and academic institutions in the US, Canada, and Latin America. I work as a volunteer for the local (St. Lawrence ) Land Trust, Grasse River Heritage, Northern New York Audubon, and the Adirondack to Algonquin Consortium. My little free time is spent with my family cooking, gardening, or exploring the Adirondacks.

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How do geese know how to fly south for the winter?

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A combination of landscapes, stars, and experience guide the geese & gander migrations

Tom Langen