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Sam Zlotnik

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

University of Florida

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Honeybees experience withdrawal symptoms when deprived of alcohol

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Scientists are turning to honeybees to understand alcohol dependence in humans

Domestic cats fall for the same visual illusions as we do

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Our feline friends are just as likely to sit inside of a fake square as a real one

Living near a Superfund site shortens life expectancy for low-income residents

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Unequal access to healthcare amplifies the disparity

Glowing worms have less sex when the lights are on

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Artificial lighting makes it harder for bioluminescent insects to find mates

How photography can overturn traditional killing of rattlesnakes

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Scientists and activists share the beauty of these misunderstood species

An ecological trap exposes many bats to a deadly fungus

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White-nose syndrome thrives in the warm roosts that bats prefer to sleep in

Bumble bees cut holes in plants' leaves to trigger flowering

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This remarkable behavior was discovered during routine observations of bee behavior

Even megalodon babies needed nurseries to survive

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To look back into shark evolutionary history, paleontologists analyzed the fossilized teeth of these ancient predators

Access to free school lunch creates health benefits for a lifetime

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A study of India's Midday Meal program shows clear nutritional benefits that are even passed on to the next generation