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Rose Jones

Environmental Microbiology

Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Science

I’m fascinated by microscopic life that prefers extreme environments, particularly mineral energy-based communities. I try and piece together how these extraordinary microbes shape and are shaped in turn by their environments. This helps us understand our planet, its resources, and how we use them (including biotechnology applications) and informs the search for life beyond earth.

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Why is this huge group of deep sea octopus moms suffocating?

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Year after year, stressed out broods of octopuses kept appearing. Biologists started getting curious

Rose Jones

It looks like microbes can help clean up mining pollution

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Experiments at an abandoned 4,000-year-old mine have researchers optimistic

Rose Jones

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Melting sea ice gives phytoplankton the space to pump out cloud-forming gasses

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With warming temperatures, microscopic plankton are creating big clouds that could further affect Arctic temperatures

Elisa Bonnin

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