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Olivia Harper Wilkins



I am an astrochemist and doctoral candidate at Caltech. In addition to exploring the invisible Universe with radio telescopes, I am passionate about effective teaching and science communication. When I’m not working on research or teaching, you can find me at a coffee shop, a National Park with my family, or creating art.

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How a scientist in a potato field founded the field of radio astronomy

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Karl Guthe Jansky, hired to quiet hiss on long-distance phone calls, found radio waves coming from Sagittarius

Olivia Harper Wilkins

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A NASA spacecraft flew by a Saturnian moon, uncovering a chemical mystery

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Where did the hydrazine detected on Rhea come from?

Scientists re-discover a long carbon chain molecule hiding in space

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Cyanodecapentayne has been detected in the Taurus Molecular Cloud for the first time in over 20 years