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Gloria Marino

Johns Hopkins University

I am a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University studying the intersection of aging, cancer, and the tumor microenvironment. Specifically, I study how intrinsic aging of the skin impacts the progression of melanoma, especially in older patients who suffer from more aggressive disease. The eventual goal of my research is to identify new therapy options to slow or prevent melanoma metastasis in this population.

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Artificial intelligence can help diagnose skin cancer, but only on white skin

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A new image-based AI tool can suggest clinical next steps for melanoma, but for darker skinned patients, equal outcomes are lacking

Gloria Marino

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People exposed to Chernobyl's radiation don't pass mutations to their children

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The largest-ever study brings welcome news to people who survived the 1986 disaster

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Neandertals don't deserve their bad, dim-witted reputation

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Our hominin ancestor had bigger brains and probably went extinct with climate change. Who are we to judge?

Brittany Kenyon-Flatt

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When sperm can’t modify their proteins, their motors stop swimming

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New study validates long-suspected biological reason for sperm-based infertility

Raj Rajeshwar Malinda

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