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Fiona Scott

Chemistry and Chemical Cancer Biology

University of Sussex

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New types of drugs, called PROTACs, melt cancer-causing proteins away

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Researchers from Yale and Oregon Health and Science universities have now used this approach to treat chronic myeloid leukemia cells

Fiona Scott

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Dogs have it, wolves don't: a small tweak to the inner eyebrow muscles gave rise to "puppy dog eyes"

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This is yet more evidence that as we tamed dogs, they tamed us

What do proteins and enzymes sound like? Now we know.

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MIT researchers have created entire soundtracks from amino acid sequences with the help of artificial intelligence

Scientists have discovered how to slow the process that creates drug-resistant cancer

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Blocking the path of tumor evolution improves treatment outcomes

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A new combination of DNA, metal, and light could revolutionize drug discovery

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A new method is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional processes

Teresa Ambrosio

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Science has a garbage problem. Why aren't recycling schemes more popular?

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Research institutions need to reflect on their attitudes toward plastic waste and make sustainability a priority in laboratories

Simone Eizagirre

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