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Adam Fortais


McMaster University

I am a Ph.D candidate studying the physics of soft and biological materials at McMaster Univeristy, in Canada.

We understand a lot about Nature, but so much of it is hidden within technical writing. I want to do my part in making scientific discovery accessible.

When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy art, karaoke, and getting all nerdy about coffee.

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Scientists capture the inner workings of the click beetle's explosive jumps

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Jumps like this would shatter your bones. Click beetles use soft materials instead

Adam Fortais

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All conferences should be virtual in a post-coronavirus world

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For accessibility, financial, and environmental reasons, it just makes sense

Adam Fortais

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You can mimic the physics happening on the surface of the Sun in your kitchen

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As the plasma on the Sun's surface heats and cools, it forms cells the size of Texas

How mezcal bubbles can help us understand lava flows

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The fluid mechanics of a good mezcal are complex

The range of microbes in your sourdough starter affect its smell and rise

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Getting bored of pandemic-baking? Maybe you need different microbes!

Coffee baristas were right all along — grinding coffee finer doesn't always produce a stronger cup of espresso coffee

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Scientists use mathematical modelling and experiments to prep the perfect cup of espresso