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Srija Bhagavatula

Cell Biology and Molecular Biology

I am a cell and developmental biologist. I completed my PhD and a short Postdoc from the Max Planck Institute (MPI-CBG) in Dresden. My research was on understanding the functions of mRNA, localizing to specific parts of the cell. I enjoy writing about recent discoveries in cell biology, especially for students and scientists from other fields. Research findings may often seem to be a collection of facts. But its the connections between these facts that define a scientific concept. So you see, in the end, science is a story and I like telling stories.

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Genes related to sleep help cells stay free of toxins

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Genetic research in fruit flies points to an important link between sleep and cellular housekeeping

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Artificial intelligence can help diagnose skin cancer, but only on white skin

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A new image-based AI tool can suggest clinical next steps for melanoma, but for darker skinned patients, equal outcomes are lacking

Gloria Marino

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