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Sridevi Ranganathan

Infectious Diseases

University of Maryland

I am an infectious disease researcher at the University of Maryland Baltimore. I tried to explain how Mycobacterium tuberculosis forms granulomas in the lung- to my 8-month old. She did not care! Maybe I did not know how to tell her an interesting story. Or maybe it is just that she is all but 8 months old.

Well, I can only improve what is within my power. So here I am, aiming to be a better storyteller for when my little one is 8 years old!

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Viruses may solve the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria

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It has worked in mice and moths, but human trials are just now getting going

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All conferences should be virtual in a post-coronavirus world

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For accessibility, financial, and environmental reasons, it just makes sense

Adam Fortais

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