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Hazel Walker

Immunology and Cell Biology

University of Cambridge

Hi, I am Hazel! I am a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. My research looks at neutrophil migration to sites of wounding and infection and how this is controlled by chemokine signaling. My interests are in immunology and cell biology as well as the climate crisis and sustainability.

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New help for allergies could be on the way

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Researchers have identified the cells that trigger uncomfortable allergic responses

People with immune systems primed to fend off bacteria are more susceptible to a common virus

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This new research could lead to greater understanding of how the flu and coronaviruses affect us

Ocean mammals keep cancer at bay with tumor suppressing genes

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Studying how whales and dolphins can evade cancer could help us suppress it in humans

Some people's immune systems control HIV infections without drugs

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"Elite controllers" keep the deadly virus in check, and hide its DNA in a quiet section of the genome.