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Darcy Murphy

Computer Science

University of Manchester

I’m getting towards the end of a part time MSc in “Digital Biology” (Computer Science with some Healthcare Informatics thrown in). I previously trained as an early years teaching assistant and worked at a primary school breakfast club, which I think made me much better at communicating ideas as simply as possible. My MSc project is about a technique to stop neural networks from learning bias that you know is in your training data, which I’m applying to a neural network that predicts heart disease from EGC recordings. I’m especially interested in ethical issues in machine learning and how those intersect with technical issues with biased data. I have three cats and a pet fish called Keith that I adopted from a friend who couldn’t keep him!

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Detecting cancers with neural networks requires a balance of rewards and penalties

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Researchers improved AI tumor detection by penalizing it for learning where the scans originated